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March 6th

L-W-O Community is proud to be working in Partnership with Mary Fickling Co Director of PhysioPod UK for World Lymphoedema Day

World Lymphoedema day is in its 6th year and this year’s celebrations will be online in a virtual world that had developed rapidly through 2020/21.  L-W-O Community is proud of the work we doing to raise the profile of lymphoedema amongst the public, patients, patients advocates and clinicians.  The last two years we have had the privilege in a small way to work with other organisations including being part of the European Patient Advocacy group which we were invited to join in 2019.

The aim of our campaign for Lymphoedema Awareness Week and World Lymphoedema Day 2021 is to reach more people to, raise awareness, and help the public and clinicians alike to have a better understanding of lymphoedema.


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European Patient Advocacy Group (ePAG)

The European Patient Advocacy Group is a group of Patient Associations and Patient Representatives from the UK and across Europe.  L-W-O Community is proud to be a small part of of this wonderful group as a Patient Representative as we unite across Europe to raise the profile of lymphoedema.



Manifesto WLD2021

Late 2019 I was invited to join The European Patient Advocacy Group (ePAG) as a Patient Representative an association I am immensely proud to be a small part of.  This led to the first joint Manifesto of European Patient Associations in March 2020 with a call to action to raise the profile of lymphoedema in the UK and Europe.  The unexpected turn of events of 2020 as the world turned to dealing with Covid-19 meant our campaign fell flat.

However I am pleased to say the EPA is thriving and this year more countries have been added to the manifesto there are now more patient associations involved.  In the UK I am proud to say L-W-O Community is involved as is our friends at Lymphoedema Support Network.

In an ideal world if patients, patient advocates, patient associations and lymphoedema organisations could work together we would raise the profile of lymphoedema improve the quality of care for lymphoedema patients educate the public and clinicians the latter who have little knowledge of the lymphatic system.


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