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For those living with Primary, Secondary & Paediatric Lymphoedema Online & in the Community

Website Linking Policy


We encourage individuals and organisations to link to the L-W-O Community this website or our families website or the following social media platforms.

  • The L-W-O Community websites are revised on a regular basis, content may be deleted or removed.
  • L-W-O Community tries to ensure that all links to website pages are working.
  • Stock library images are the ownership of the hosting company and used by L-W-O Community under license.
  • Posters produced by L-W-O Community are produced with graphic software that L-W-O community has purchased and uses under license of subscription.
  • Videos produced by L-W-O Community are produced under licence of subscription
  • Personal photographs provided and published with the permission of our members are the property of L-W-O.


Links from L-W-O to other websites

  • Our website, support group, community page, families support group, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn YouTube contain external links to other social media platforms.
  • These links provide useful sources of information and inclusion of such links does not imply endorsement by L-W-O, of any kind as to their content or quality.
  • L-W-O signposts links to other lymphoedema organisations, the NHS websites and other websites that are directly or indirectly supportive of the condition of lymphoedema.
  • L-W-O signposts to other organisations that we have a working relationship with.
  • This does not mean that L-W-O endorses external organisations, their products, or services. 
  • Neither does L-W-O guarantee the accuracy or relevance of external websites. 
  • We reserve the right to remove links to external websites that no longer meet our needs.

Exit Disclaimer policy

  • Underlined links or links in highlighted green indicate that they lead to another L-W-O page or an external website, or email contact.
  • L-W-O does not guarantee the information or endorse external links to other websites.


We will not tolerate Blatant Self Promotion

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