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Primary & Secondary Lymphoedema Online & in the Community


Lymphoedema is an incurable, life-long condition that is managed and treated through various massage techniques, good skin care, movement  and the daily wearing of compression garments.

Healthy Steps

Self-care of lymphoedema is so important and I cannot emphasise enough how you must learn to help yourself. 

Is there a cure for Lymphoedema

Very short answer NO.  This is due to the fact that glands and lymph vessels can't be replaced or repaired after after your cancer treatment. Therefore those of us living with lymphoedema will have a lifetime of self-care and management to reduce swelling and keep up maintenance.  I hope cancer patients are referred to a lymphoedema clinic where they will receive Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and be taught Simple Lymphatic Drainage (SLD) in addition to being prescribed compression garments.

First published in September 2013 as part of our Home Page

Republished independently 24/07/2019

Last updated 24/07/2019