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L-W-O Community

For those living with Primary, Secondary & Paediatric Lymphoedema Online & in the Community

Terms and Conditions


Working online is challenging and often we have no control over much of what is said in social media posts.   Our aim is to offer a safe online experience this includes all our social media platforms plus this website and our family’s website therefore, we need to be careful of the answers we give.  We ask our members, supporters, and followers to refrain from posting until you have time to think through your answers before posting.  Our focus is advocacy, education, friendship, learning from one another, and positivity. 

We have evolved into our own Community online and we are fortunate to be invited to events in our local community therefore these terms and conditions will apply for all L-W-O Community activities.

Terms and conditions

Please read our terms and conditions as all the above websites and social media will be subject to them: 


L-W-O stands for lymph-what-oedema however, from 2020 will be known as L-W-O Community


  • L-W-O Community is an Independent not for profit patient association, accessible to any person who has Primary or Secondary lymphoedema or Lymphatic Malformations their carers, family, or friends. The L-W-O websites are written by Gaynor Leech who lives with secondary lymphoedema and is written entirely from a patient's point of view and is not intended to be a substitute for independent medical advice.
  • The information on this website and our social media platforms is intended for use by UK residents.  
  • Our overseas visitors are welcome; however, we strongly advise all our visitors to consult their own health-care professionals.
  • By reading this page, being a member of L-W-O Support group, Family's groups, or followers of our Community page, or other social media platforms, you are acknowledging our Medical Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.
  • Material on this website, our family's website and our social media platforms is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for independent or medical advice.
  • L-W-O accepts no liability in relation to typographical error.
  • We accept no liability for third party information.
  • The L-W-O Community websites and social media platforms contain links to other websites.  These are provided as useful sources of information and inclusion of such links to other websites does not imply endorsement by L-W-O Community, of any kind as to their content or quality.  For further details please read our website linking policy.
  • We will not tolerate any form of verbal abuse, foul language, or harassment across our social media platforms and any member who doesn't adhere to this policy will be removed or blocked.  For further information please check our safeguarding policy.
  • On social media writing in capital letters is deemed to be shouting and therefore is considered aggressive and will not be tolerated in our community.
  • For the safety of our members, do not re-post content from within the private group and post elsewhere. This includes screenshots.
  • Material from our Community Page which is our public page can be shared as long as L-W-O Community receives the credit.
  • If you share information from another social media platform or someone else's story please make sure you have permission to share the post or story as L-W-O accepts no liability for these posts.


L-W-O Support Groups 

  • The L-W-O Support Groups are private groups, members posts, and conversations are private within the group, therefore at no time should these be shared outside the groups.
  • At no time should screenshots be taken of private conversations.
  • L-W-O Community ask members to be respectful towards other members
  • We ask members to think before they write a post or post photographs that other members might find upsetting  or offensive.
  • Admin and moderators reserve the right to remove written posts and photographs that do not comply with our Terms and Conditions
  • Admin and moderators reserve the right to remove written posts or photographs that other members find upsetting or offensive. 
  • We are an AD and Spam free zone
  • We cannot allow individual Fundraisers or Crowd Funding by individual members
  • L-W-O Community very occasionally may receive a complaint from members and we respectfully ask members to follow our complaints procedure.

We will not tolerate Blatant Self Promotion   



Page produced by Gaynor Leech October 2016

Page last updated 25/01/2021

Planned review January 2022

The L-W-O Community Websites are ongoing project therefore, they are reviewed regularly and we reserve the right to update and remove information as is necessary.  Terms and Conditions are reviewed on a yearly basis.