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L-W-O Community

For those living with Primary, Secondary & Paediatric Lymphoedema Online & in the Community

Please Donate

Please donate to L-W-O so that we can continue to run our online platforms and attend events in the Community.   Since 2017 we have attended events with our information stand in Birmingham, Coventry, Nuneaton, increasing awareness across the West Midlands and introducing lymphoedema often for the first time.

There is a general assumption that because we operate online that we do not incur running costs.  Our hosting package, domain name and utility costs all must be paid for, as does postage and printing costs.   Going out into the community incurs petrol costs and occasionally sustenance costs.  In 2017 we were strongly advised to purchase insurance for both our online and community work.


Martine Payne & Gaynor Leech  at The Butts, Coventry for the Cervical Screening event 14th January 2019

We are Voluntary

At all times please remember L-W-O is voluntary.  Neither myself or anyone who volunteers for L-W-O gets paid, from time to time it is necessary to pay out of pocket expenses.  Therefore, donations are vital to help us keep this service running please donate.  We are currently looking at new ways in which to organise our fundraising. 

Or a fun way to help at no extra cost to you is to shop with your favourite retailers through our Easy fundraising page:

L-W-O Community

L-W-O is UK based, patient driven and voluntary.  Our support group is for anyone who lives with the lifelong condition of Primary or Secondary Lymphoedema or their family and friends.  We understand the anger, frustration and isolation of those living with lymphoedema. 

The website and a Facebook page were set up in September 2013 followed by our online support group in May 2014.  In January 2017 we created our Children’s online support group. In September 2017 our Twitter account was set up and is run by Michelle Donohoe.

We have continually evolved over the last five years and in 2018 the management side of L-W-O was focussed on creating a Community with the ultimate aim of encouraging our members to self-care and to become their own advocates.



Michelle Donohoe Twitter Admin, Martine Payne Volunteer, Gaynor Leech Founder at The John Lewis Hub, Birmingham.

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L-W-O online support group

2013 - 2018


Medical Alert Cards

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Page last updated 28/07/2020

When you request to join our online support group you will be required to answer three simple questions:

  • Does your child have/lymphoedema or a condition relating to the Lymphatic System?
  • Are you a Health Care Professional working in the Lymphoedema Community?
  • By joining L-W-O you agree to our terms and conditions & acknowledge our Medical Disclaimer. You understand any form of self-promotion will result in a member being removed.

These security questions are there for existing members and new members safety.  If you do not answer the security questions your request will be denied, I will hold unanswered requests for 48 hours before declining.

Health Care Professionals are welcome but please state that you work in the Lymphoedema Community.