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Some of our members have taken to rebounding using a mini trampoline and I have bought those with a handle that helps with balance. How does rebounding help the lymphatic system?  The movement boosts the lymphatic system, immune function and improves digestion.  Rebounding helps to improve body mass but is kinder on the ankles and knees as opposed to someone who is pounding pavements running.  Muscle tone improves, oxygen circulation which in turn increases energy.


Big thank you to Pernille Henriksen for writing this piece on rebounding.

A rebounder is like a mini trampoline but with a firmer bounce. It fits in most living rooms and can be used daily for great lymphatic and circulatory health. I use mine several times a week for a proper 30-45 min sweaty workout or during the day for a few minutes when I need a boost of energy. I was sceptical for many years as I worried it would aggravate my lymphoedema in my left leg but with adequate (a little more than during the day) compression I have seen great results. The benefit of the rebounder is that it is suitable for all levels. You can bounce as hard or light, as quick or slow as you like in the comfort of your own home. For added upper body strength I add wrist weights.

I like to do it with one of the many YouTube videos you can find for free but you can also subscribe to a paid service via or you can make your own programme based on your level and what you like. Rebounders are found in many price ranges and some make more noise than others so make sure you read the reviews before purchasing or try one in your local sports shop. You can also get one with a handle/bar if you are worried about your balance. Happy Rebounding!   

Note: The rebounder I have has a handle because I have balance problems.  Also when ordering please bear in mind that some rebounders have weight limits so always check when buying if it is suitable for you.

I found this great article on rebounding by MedFitNetwork, have a read 


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