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For those living with Primary, Secondary & Paediatric Lymphoedema Online & in the Community

Private Message Abuse


  • Sending candles, poppies, or any other such images to pass on to family and friends
  • Warnings not to click on certain posts because you might be hacked - often this is Fake News 
  • Send unsolicited messages to promote your business or sell your products
  • Contact group members who have asked you not to contact them
  • Contact and verbally abuse members because you do not agree with their views
  • Contact members to encourage them to follow your lifestyle choices 


L-W-O encourages tolerance and respect


L-W-O Safeguarding policy

What do you do if you receive private message abuse on Facebook

Page created 3rd November 2019

Last updated 25th January 2021

Next review January 2022