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"There is no specific diet for lymphoedema"


Our members at one time or another have probably discussed just about every diet going but we have not specifically concentrated on a Plant-Based diets.  Personally, I hate the word diet and would prefer to concentrate on Health Living, and I find that it is the small changes to life that make a difference.


"Think of it, as being a lifestyle change rather than a diet".


We are told that there is no specific diet for lymphoedema and taking vitamins and minerals will not help.  However, I passionately believe in personal choices and encourage you to make your own healthy choices.

What is a Plant-Based Diet

A plant-based diet includes fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, plants including vegetables and wholegrains.  When talking to different people there are different answers as to why people chose this.  There are those who are concerned about animal welfare, others are concerned with the environment impacts of providing food and some may feel social pressure to change their easting habits. 



Healthy Snacking

Tip for Fruit & Vegetables

In this day and age where incomes are limited and organic food is often more expensive, my tip would be to have a small scrubbing brush in the kitchen so that you can buy whatever fruit and vegetables you can afford.  Keep a small nail brush in the kitchen so that when you buy non-organic fruit and vegetables you can wash and scrub them to remove any lurking pesticides or bacteria. There has been a rise in the cases of E Coli.  It has been suggested that this might have come from unwashed fruit and vegetables.

You have enough to deal with so please wash all fruit and vegetables before you use them.