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For those living with Primary, Secondary & Paediatric Lymphoedema Online & in the Community

A New Chapter in Life

I had never heard of lymphoedema, never told this was a possibility although in my breast care folder amongst all the reading I did eventually discover half a page on who to contact if I developed lymphoedema. Such an insignificant page I am not surprised I missed it whilst dealing with the diagnosis of cancer.

After two years of reading, adding files to my computer and typing notes I found I had enough information to start a website. Having produced a family history website, I decided I would have a go at producing one for lymphoedema.  What would I call this new website?  Deciding to stick with the same hosting company I typed in lymphoedema and was amazed when this appeared on my screen as an available domain name.

Our History Series

No Direction

In those early days, I had no social media skills, my website skills were extremely limited, no idea about layouts, design, promotion or branding. Although my writing style has changed, I still read as a patient, research as a patient, and write as a patient.  On the 13th September 2013, the website was published with the header below followed by a Facebook page on the 18th September 2013.


"I could never have imagined the journey ahead of me".

Page created June 2018

Updated 16/05/2020