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Primary & Secondary Lymphoedema Online & in the Community

Mission Statement

L-W-O is a non-profit organisation providing non-medical support for those living with Primary and Secondary Lymphoedema.  We do our best to provide services free of charge. 

  • L-W-O shall work to promote lymphoedema awareness and to raise the profile of the condition.
  • Our aim is to support and reach as many people as we can who live with lymphoedema.
  • Through our website we will provide information that promotes the well-being of lymphoedema patients.
  • L-W-O will not offer medical advice but will signpost to those organisations that are more qualified.
  • L-W-O will regularly review and update our website.
  • Through our community page L-W-O shall provide information for public use and continue to raise the profile of lymphoedema.
  • Through our online support group, L-W-O shall provide information, whilst supporting our members and their carers to discuss any issues they are experiencing.
  • Where necessary L-W-O will work with other lymphoedema organisations or public organisations when it is in the best interests of our members.
  • Where necessary and appropriate L-W-O will represent the views, concerns and interests of our members.
  • L-W-O will act at all times in the best interests of our members, remaining non-political, and will resolve issues among our members through democratic process.
  • L-W-O are aware of our responsibilities for safeguarding confidentiality and preserving information security for L-W-O and our members.


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