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Juzo Care App - A helpful resource for both health care professionals, patients and carers.

L-W-O Community is very a proud to have been added to this app as a source for patients.

(Please note: Only mobile phone access)

The LymEx app aims to support those who live with lymphoedema.  It was created by someone with lymphoedema to help others with the condition.  Available via mobile devices and tablet.

Lymphatic System Reference Guide

This free application provides an in-depth reference guide to the Human Lymphatic System featuring high quality detailed content and images in a well presented and easy ro navigate way.

Lympha Track

Helpful to record lymphoedema symptoms  self-care treatments and create charts that show your progress over time.

Sitting Leg Work Out

Work out and burn calories sitting on a chair with this free app

As part of our multilingual action plan, the VASCERN eHealth Working Group has developed a free Mobile Application in order to enable patients with rare vascular disease to find and easily access the most competent Healthcare Providers (HCPs) as well as Patient Organisations in Europe.

L-W-O Community is very proud to have been added to this app as a resource for the UK

LymVol - Lymphoedema Limb Volume Calculator

The LymVol - Lymphoedema Limb Volume Calculator is a paid for app price £19.99

and has been specially designed to help Lymphoedema Professionals to measure and calculate the limb volume of those affected by lymphoedema.

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