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Get Moving Series

Head and Neck Movement

Swelling for head and neck muscles can also be reduced through exercise.  Everyday we all change our facial expressions.  Use these changes as part of your exercise routine.

  • chewing
  • frowning
  • smiling
  • yawning
  • shaving (not to forget our male members)

Head Turns

Head turns - Head facing to the right shoulder turn head to the left, then to the right x 2. 

Head roll - Head to the right side, roll down to your chest and across to your left side x 2 

Head and Neck Lymphoedema

The signs of head and neck lymphoedema include swelling under the chin, in the neck or face which could include the eyes and lips.  You might feel a tightness or have restricted movements including in your jaw or shoulders.

On behalf of Cancer Research UK

Neck Tilts

Stand with legs hip width apart, relax your body.

Neck Tilts - Head facing in front, tilt head forward, chin to chest,  x 2.                      

Head facing forward, tilt head to right to the right, ear to shoulder x 2.                        

Head facing forward, tilt head to the left, ear to shoulder x 2


Stand with legs hip width apart, relax your body.

Shoulder shrugs - Raise your right shoulder to your right ear and back down x 2.  

Raise your left shoulder to your left ear and back down x 2                             

Raise both your shoulders to your ears and back down x 2

Shoulder rolls - Place both your hands on your shoulders; circle your right shoulder x 2 repeat with your left shoulder x 2.  Circle both your shoulders x 2

The above exercises are particularly useful to keep your shoulder joints mobile, to prevent stiffness. Each needs to be performed slowly and repeated x 2.  You can then build up repetitions to 5. 

This page was formerly called exercise and first published in July 2014

The page became part of the Get Moving series on 20th July 2018

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