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For anyone who has ever been diagnosed with Lymphoedema you will know that it comes with a list of things that you should not be doing. Largely because anything that leaves an indentation can cause restriction of lymph flow or any prick or cut that leaves an open wound, however minuscule, can lead to a serious infection such as cellulitis. My passion for gardening was one of those restrictions. With so much going on in my head from the cancer then the Lymphoedema diagnoses and other health issues the words used at the time had a big impact. What I want to see is that words like ‘lifelong and ‘incurable’ are replaced by ‘managed and treatable’. Equally the words ‘do not’ should be replaced by words such as ‘sensible precautions’ or guidelines.

Al Fresco

Not always easy in the UK but when you can eat outside, you have put lots of work into creating an outdoor living space, use it as much as you can.

Get that much needed vitamin D from the sun.  Just make sure you do not get sunburn.

If there are insects around, light a citronella candle to keep them away.

Invite family and friends around, make it a social occasion.

Page first published 20th April 2020

Page last updated 20/05/2020