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Holiday Mode

Hi, I am still in holiday mode.  Now been back for a few days after going on a Mediterranean Cruise around Spain.  I can't get warm and my brain is struggling to catch up with everyday life. 

I am really proud of myself as I put my mobile in the safe and had no access to the internet, newspaper…

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Just Giving Text

Please remember that this is Lymphoedema Awareness Week and I have set up a Just Giving Page to donate funds to Lymphoedema Support Network.  You can now donate by text by following these instructions GAYN97 followed by however much you would like to give and text to 70070 or by going direct to my p…

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Lymphoedema Awareness Week

Hi, this week it  is Lymphoedema Awareness week, it runs from the 15th September - 22nd September.  On the 18th September this website will celebrate its 1st birthday. 

We have been supported by the Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) so I thought it would be a good idea to raise funds towards t…

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New article

I am in the process of writing a new article on depression and isolation that lymphoedema patients feel.  Yesterday I put a request on members group asking how they felt the lymphoedema affects their lives. 

I was well aware that Primary lymphoedema was genetic but for some reason it didn't regis…

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New editions

Hi everyone, been very busy over the last week and haven't been able to update the blog.

Lymphwhatoedema's members group has also been very busy over the last few weeks with lots of subjects and new subjects being discussed.  We now have 167 members, in the last week, 14 new members have been added…

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Support Group

Yesterday we had a great support group with a Looking Good Feeling Better demonstration from Anita Wall.  One of our members had a great makeover and a goodie bag.

Viewings on this website have now gone over the 10,000 mark which is incredible for something I started just to get my thoughts down o…

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Home Page

Hi everyone,

Once again I have rewritten large parts of the home page.  When I first started this journey of getting my thoughts down on paper, I wrote mainly about secondary lymphoedema, because this is my condition.  As time goes by and as our online support group grows I am learning more about p…

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The Newsletter has taken far more time than I could ever imagine it is now finished and distribution begins.  I have put the Newsletter on this website and whilst it is not in the best format it is the best I can do with my limited computer skills.  Please remember this is the first time I have atte…

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May 2015

Our 1st birthday meet up in May 2015.  I am happy to announce that for those of you who wish to attend will be the guests of the Lymphoedema Support Group, Mary Ann Evans Hospice.  This means I will have lots of help with organising so I am thrilled.  This will take a lot of pressure off me. The day…

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Support Group

Having a job keeping up with the blog at the moment as its school holiday time, which means Grandchildren.  Last week we had our two Grandsons and this week we have had one of our Granddaughters whose 13,  Today we are preparing to have our baby Granddaughter for a couple of hours.

Last night I h…

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Chip Bags?

Hi, discussing "Chip Bags" , going back to work with Lymphoedema in members group.  We are now up to 109 members.  Beginning to get some really nice compliments.  Thankful that our members are so positive. xxx 

Never met?


Have you met another person with Lymphoedema?  Many of our group members haven't.  Several had never talked to anyone with Lymphoedema. 

I can't imagine having to deal with this on my own.  Luckily in Nuneaton thanks to the Mary Ann Evans Hospice we have a lot of support.  Setting up th…

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Amazing few days

Hi, we have had an amazing few days in members group and now have 95 members.  We are a very active online support group with some lovely caring members.

This week we have been talking taping, MLD, SLD, how to handle tropical conditions and the use of supplements.  Very lively discussions.  Please…

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Catch up

I hope like me you have been enjoying todays weather.  I didn't do as much blogging last week.  The successful charity event now firmly behind us.  It has been a very busy and tiring week and over the next few days I want to  do more on the website.

On members group we have been discussing …

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Charity Event

Hi, haven't been on here for 3 days.  Successfully put our charity event behind us and managed to raise £445 for the Mary Ann Evans Hospice.  Thank you so much to my teams of friends and supporters who made this possible especially Leslie and Veronica.

Amazed how the 'viewings' have jumped on th…

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Healthy Steps

New Healthy Steps class this morning after  three week break, two new ladies joined our class.  New routine that has a summer theme.  Looking forward to the next 5 sessions.

Busy working towards our charity event in aid of Lymphoedema Support at the Hospice, two more days to go.


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Picnic Proms

Later to day off to the Picnic Proms at Mary Ann Evans Hospice, so Mr Weatherman please tell the rain to go away.

We have added another 5 people to members group taking our total to 78. Topics being discussed over the last 24 hours, compression sleeves, having to wait months for appointments and ho…

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Going Global

This last week has been exceptionally busy on members group. We have added 26 members in the last week taking our numbers to 73.  The members group has now reached Australia, Spain and the USA. 

Topics this week have been, "ICE", Medical Alert Cards, Compression Garments and Wristbands.  Terrific…

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Green represents lymphoedema

I love the discussions we are having on members group but for those of you who don't know I want to explain briefly why the colour green is used. As you are aware my website, FB banners and the wristbands are in green. LSN uses green, this is because green represents the lymph system. Picture shows …

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Yesterday, Saturday 29th was a very busy day in members group, with lots of chat and support.  We now have 53 members and this website has currently had 5030 viewings, so thrilled.

We have been talking Cording and Race for Life.  The chatter that has really got our members going, is haven't to exp…

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