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Blog posts March 2020

Self-Isolation Week 2

Author: Gaynor Leech, Founder of L-W-O

22nd – 28th March 2020


"Happy Mother’s Day to two amazing lady’s my Mum and my Mother-in-Law thank you both for being amazing Nannies and fabulous Great Nannies we love you both".


Thank you to Michelle Leech we love you dearly.



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Self-Isolation Week 1

Author: Gaynor Leech, Founder of L-W-O

16th March – 20th March 2020


Monday, we watched in horror on the news that our Government announced we are all facing a new way of life… unprecedented as we get use to no social contact.

This is where communities like L-W-O can help each oth…

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Life with Lymphoedema & Pelvic Radiation Disease

Author: Val

Published: by Gaynor Leech, Founder of L-W-O

Hello, my name’s Val and I have Lymphoedema and Pelvic Radiation Damage.

Yes, I know, I sound like an addict, don’t I?  But that sentence pretty much sums me up as everything I do daily evolves around my care and maintenance on…

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