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Blog posts July 2019

Boobs Bras and Lymphoedema

Author: Gaynor Leech, Founder of L-W-O

In the past I have only written about this briefly and if at times this subject appears insensitive then I am sorry, but this is part of my journey and the difficulties I dealt with and still deal with are real.

A recap for those that don’t know, in 2010 I wa…

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Musings of a Pensioner

Author: Gaynor Leech, Founder of L-W-O


I am sitting staring at a blank page and feeling the urge to write.  The house is quiet, my 18-year granddaughter is having a sleepover and at 12.30 p.m. she still hasn’t surfaced.  Hubby is on the golf course. 


I run L-W-O from my conser…

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