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Blog posts September 2014

Just Giving Text

Please remember that this is Lymphoedema Awareness Week and I have set up a Just Giving Page to donate funds to Lymphoedema Support Network.  You can now donate by text by following these instructions GAYN97 followed by however much you would like to give and text to 70070 or by going direct to my p…

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Lymphoedema Awareness Week

Hi, this week it  is Lymphoedema Awareness week, it runs from the 15th September - 22nd September.  On the 18th September this website will celebrate its 1st birthday. 

We have been supported by the Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) so I thought it would be a good idea to raise funds towards t…

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New article

I am in the process of writing a new article on depression and isolation that lymphoedema patients feel.  Yesterday I put a request on members group asking how they felt the lymphoedema affects their lives. 

I was well aware that Primary lymphoedema was genetic but for some reason it didn't regis…

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New editions

Hi everyone, been very busy over the last week and haven't been able to update the blog.

Lymphwhatoedema's members group has also been very busy over the last few weeks with lots of subjects and new subjects being discussed.  We now have 167 members, in the last week, 14 new members have been added…

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