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Blog posts June 2014

Green represents lymphoedema

I love the discussions we are having on members group but for those of you who don't know I want to explain briefly why the colour green is used. As you are aware my website, FB banners and the wristbands are in green. LSN uses green, this is because green represents the lymph system. Picture shows …

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Yesterday, Saturday 29th was a very busy day in members group, with lots of chat and support.  We now have 53 members and this website has currently had 5030 viewings, so thrilled.

We have been talking Cording and Race for Life.  The chatter that has really got our members going, is haven't to exp…

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All welcome

Come and join us for the afternoon on Wednesday 9th July at 1 - 3 p.m., at the Attleborough Baptist Church, Nuneaton.

In aid of Mary Ann Evans Hospice and the Lymphoedema Support group.

Light, refreshments will be available, Tea, Coffee, cake and scones.

There will be a Sing-a-Long,…

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Lymphorrhoea and Cording

These two subjects came up in members group.  I neither have the knowledge or experience to talk about either of these subjects.  With the help of Karen Friett of LSN I have been able to suggest were you can find articles on these subjects.  Thank you Karen.

You will find basic information on th…

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Lots of Chatter

Today has been very busy in members groups.  Lots of chatter amongst members all supporting each other.  

One of members added a video on ring removal which was very interesting.  Lots of members find they can no longer wear rings, bracelets and watches because of their Lymphoedema. 

We have …

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Hi everyone, very slowly working on updates to the website, like everything life gets in the way lol.

Members group is talking about cording at the moment, should you be interested in this there is a very interesting article that you can read online by following the link below.


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Hi, trying to update website.  The Home page, I am updating my story.  When I first started this website I was very angry not so much about the Lymphoedema I had, but the lack of education, knowledge, promotion and ignorance of Lymphoedema.  Three years on the anger has subsided and turned into pass…

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Making a difference

MLD this morning went well.  Chuffed this morning talking to my nurse specialist about Blood Pressure tablets especially Amlodopine and she wasn't aware of any possible side affects for patients with Lymphoedema.  Article now emailed to our clinic.  So you see everyone by asking for help through

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Members Group

In the last week we have had 12 new members and there are now 43 of us.  Today we have been talking about Handwriting and how our Lymphoedema affects this.


Look Good Feel Bettter

Hi everyone we talked recently about Look Good Feel Better (LGBF), it is coming up to their 20th anniversary supporting people dealing with cancer.  To celebrate their anniversary they are doing a tour of 20 cities in the UK.  Here are their tour dates.


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Members Group

One month today the members group was created.  We now have 37 members.  Thank you everyone for your support.

Members group

I have now found an easier and more direct way to join our Members Group please use the following link;

The Members Group allows you to post comments, photographs and communicate with people that understand Lymphoedema and how it affects your life.  The group…

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Members Group

To save confusion the closed Facebook Group of Lymphwhatoedema will be known as the Members Group.  Membership is free and all posts, photographs made by members are voluntary.  This last week the page has been very busy. If you would like to join our members group please send me your email address …

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Coventry Support Group

Hi All

Coventry Support Group will hold their next meeting on Thursday 10th July between 12-00p.m. and 2.00 p.m.  Everyone is welcome the meeting is held at Myton Hospice, by UHCW, Clifford Bridge Road, Coventry.

Interaction in closed group.

Hi everyone, had a lovely weekend away with friends in Ravenshead.  Wi fi very poor so I was thrilled when arrived home to see there has been lots of interaction on the closed group this weekend.  Subjects range from the difficulties of doing certain household tasks, compression garments, and Lymph…

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Volunteering & Conferences

This morning I had my fortnightly MLD session, all went well.

As part of National Volunteer week I have been invited to a seminar organised by Nuneaton & Bedworth CAN "Encourage Effective Volunteering."

Good luck to anyone who is going to the International Lymphoedema Frame work conference in Glas…

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Talking GP's

A fun Healthy Steps this morning.  We have a break now for 3 weeks while the next session is prepared.

On our Lymphwhatoedema FB group page we are talking GP's today and how they deal with Lymphoedema.  Did you know there is a learning module for GP's on Lymphoedema.  I received the following mess…

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For those of you who read Thursdays posts you will have seen that our support group at the Mary Ann Evans Hospice had a visit from Tracey and Dave from Trulife.  It was a great afternoon and on reflection I was amazed how things had come on since we saw Tracey last year.  Dave has promised to come b…

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Lymphwhatoedema's Community Page

Hi Everyone, our Lymphwhatoedema community page has been updated. Go and take a look,  you will see Facebook has changed the position of everything. My posts to the right, your posts to the left.  There is now a clear "Follow" button and you can now share the "Page" so that's a great improvement. At…

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