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Blog posts May 2014

Catch up

Hi everyone,

A very chilled Bank Holiday weekend.   Wet and windy here in Warwickshire.  Not looked at website all weekend, so delighted to see we have now had 4008 viewings.  Healthy Steps this morning, small group, didn't stop laughing, so great class.  Set me up for the day, busy afternoon at th…

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Look Good Feel Better

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT?  "Look Good Feel Better" (LGFB) You can sign up for a 2 hour, free of charge skin care and make-up workshop.  The workshops are usually held in hospitals or cancer care centres throughout the UK.  Approximately 10-12 people can attend these workshops and you are taken through a 12…

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Hi everyone, a lot cooler today.  I have been for my fortnightly MLD this morning I was beginning to feel as if I was carrying a rugby ball between my boob and under my arm.  Feeling easier now.

Wishing Nicky one of our nurse specialists good luck over the next 3 days on her MLD training course. …

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Schools & long term medical conditions

Hi if you have a child with Lymphoedema or other long term medical condition, please read this;

Please share for those of you who have school age children, new statutory requirements for schools for children with long term medical conditions comes into affect September 2014 in England. Follow this …

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Members Tip

All of us worry about insect bites especially in this lovely hot weather we are having.  One of our members has suggested that the vitamin B1 is very good for keeping the insects at bay.  Might be worth a try!!

Facebook Group

Hi new Facebook group is going well, lots of conversations going on.  Send me your email address and I will send you an invite to join.  Tips and advice by our members being shared.


I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather and that it isn't making you to uncomfortable. Slight swelling from yesterdays heat, but my Healthy Steps exercise is helping keeping it down.

Bras and hot weather

Two questions being asked on Facebook Group page.

The question of finding the right bra is something a lot of us have to deal with.   See what our members think.

Second question is, how does this lovely hot weather affect your Lymphoedema? 


This afternoon doing a bit of gardening.  I find it very difficult these days as I have to wear gardening gloves.  I loved getting my hands dirty pre Lymphoedema.  Never feel right wearing gloves, looking forward to seeing all my plants flowering.  Then I will know it was worth while.

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Facebook group page

Facebook group page has taken off really well only started yesterday afternoon and membership is rising.   I need now for members to start conversations with one another.  New likes on the Facebook page as well.  It makes all the effort put in worthwhile.

Facebook Group

I have set up a new Facebook group because some of our participants did not like the Facebook Page.  Both group and page have their limitations.  The "page" allows you to see my posts, and comment on my posts without any problem.  However, it isn't clear when someone else posts.

The Facebook gr…

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Healthy Steps

Great fun, once again in Healthy Steps.  Informed today that wristbands that the Hospice have are selling.

Tea and Cake afternoon at the Attleborough Baptist Church on the 9th July between 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. organisation coming together.  Looking for raffle prizes and auction prizes.  If anyone can…

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Healthy Steps and wristbands

Great Healthy Steps this morning.  I like this new routine, I don't get so mixed up with my "left" and "right" qctm.

Posted my 1st wristband today, need to look at a better way of postage as it was far more expensive than I thought it would be.  Luckily I managed to sell wristbands locally, theref…

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Basic Lymphoedema Holiday Phrases

Finally got round to updating language phrases on the website.  For those of you who missed earlier blog in April, there are now holiday phrases re: your Lymphoedema in the following languages;
French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Welsh.  All these phrases we…

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The joys of Lymphoedema!!

Hi all,

Not been on here for a few days, sore throat and lots of swelling under my arm and down my side. The joys of Lymphoedema!!  Feeling a lot better today.  I consider myself very lucky that for the most part my Lymphoedema is controlled.

Absolutely thrilled that we have now had over 2513 vi…

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