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L-W-O Community

For those living with Primary, Secondary & Paediatric Lymphoedema Online & in the Community

Support Us

As followers will know when I first started L-W-O Community all the associated costs for the first two years came out of my pocket.  Eventually this became unsustainable and therefore I started to ask for donations.  I am proud of the fact that we can operate advert free especially on our two websites. Without our members, followers and supporters donating to our community we would not be able to continue indefinitely and therefore I need your help.

The years 2020/21 have been the most challenging financial years that I can remember, and we need your support more than ever.  Our overheads are kept to an absolute minimum.  L-W-O Community relies heavily on the goodwill of volunteers and neither myself as Founder or our volunteers receive a salary.  However, L-W-O Community has operating costs some of which are listed below.  My hours are incalculable.






What we do

We have identified a need to support those living with lymphoedema often outside normal working hours not only in the UK but globally. L-W-O Community promotes self-care and positivity.  We share stories about the challenges of living with lymphoedema.  Through our networks we share research, campaigns and debates for the lymphoedema community and best of all we encourage our members, followers and supporters to become their own advocates.  We are simply making our voices heard.

 We need to raise £1000.00 p.a.

Please donate 

How can you help?

  • Make a donation
  • Set up a monthly standing order for a few pounds
  • Hold a coffee morning for L-W-O, hold a raffle, do a sponsored walk or some other event that would help us raise much needed funds
  • Do you have a special birthday or anniversary coming up perhaps you could ask for donations instead of presents for L-W-O
  • Or a legacy donation in memory of people who have died


Help us to continue to support you


Easyfundraising - provides a FREE service where you can shop with your favourite online stores, and at no extra cost, raise funds for L-W-O. You still shop directly with each retailer as you would normally, but simply by using the links from the Easyfundraising site, each retailer will make a cashback donation to L-W-O.