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Homeworking or Not

Working from home is something many more people have had to get use to during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Whether you are a teacher having to connect with your pupils, a parent home schooling or an office worker, spending more time on a laptop, making conference calls or phone calls the chances are you will be sitting for long periods of time with a laptop in front of you.  You become stiff and your limbs start to swell.  You must take regular breaks, move around, and drink plenty of fluids to keep lymphoedema swelling to a minimum.

Get Moving

It is essential you have even a few minutes away from your work station


  • Walk around your home whenever you can
  • Stretch at your desk
  • Get up and make yourself a cuppa
  • Weather permitting go outside take in the fresh air with deep breathing exercises
  • Or go and get a glass of water
  • Take a lunch break
  • Go out for a walk at lunch time
  • Keep to a routine

Desk Job

  There is a great movement in Coventry now where instead of that meeting in the office you walk down to the local coffee shop or better still, pick up your coffee and do a walk and talk.  Away from your desk you will find you can often be more productive.

One of the workplaces I was impressed with when L-W-O was invited was the George Headquarters at Lutterworth, where apart from their café, there are lots of places to sit away from the workplace to chat to colleagues, hold meetings. 

After attending body language courses many moons ago one of the suggestions was that if you are on the phone then instead of sitting, stand to take your phone call.  From a business point of view the idea is that if you were standing you were in a more powerful position to get you point across.  Not sure I agree with this thought process, but the principle is good for getting you out of your seat.

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