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Deep Breathing



One of the best things I have ever been taught since developing Lymphoedema is the art of deep breathing exercises.  This has helped me greatly so much so as an Asthmatic I have been able to dump my inhalers. 

Not only does it help in opening the Lymphatic system it has helped with relaxation.  

One of my favourite breathing exercises is "blowing bubbles". Who would have thought as a senior I would be using the bubbles I buy for my grandchildren as a way of practising deep breathing?  Lots of fun. 

L-W-O Lymphoedema Awareness Day 16th May 2018 With Healthy-Steps - blowing bubbles


Singing is great for opening up the lymphatic system.  If you are in the privacy of your own home, you don't have to be good at it.  Play your favourite music, in tune or our of tune sing at the top of your voice.  I bet you'll find that you are moving, or waving your hands, or dancing on your bum or moving from side to side. Give it a try. Nobody is looking.  How about joining a choir, there are many groups like 'Singing for Breathing' these groups are often attached to hospitals helping hear patients with their breathing. Or there is singing for Lung Health and if you live in Wales Tenovus have singing groups for cancer patients.



Deep Breathing

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Breathing Rhythm

Click on the picture above that I found on You Tube, it will help you find a rhythm.