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For those living with Primary, Secondary & Paediatric Lymphoedema Online & in the Community

Lymphoedema Abbreviations

We often use abbreviations when talking about the different aspects of Lymphoedema so these are the most likely you will come across.

LD -lymphatic diseases

LE - primary & secondary lymphoedema

LI - lipoedema

LF - lymphatic filariasis

LM - lymphatic malformations

LC - lymphatic continuum

Although a lot of people don't like the following terms you will come across them.

Lymphie - female living with lymphoedema

Lympho - male living with lymphoedema 

General Abbreviations

I find that when discussing certain aspects of lymphoedema we tend to talk in abbreviations therefore some of our newly diagnosed members aren't familiar with the terms we use.

AB'S - antibiotics 

DVT - deep vein thrombosis

​EPS - Electronic Prescription Service

MLD - manual lymphatic drainage

MLLB - multi layer lymphoedema bandaging

PALS - Patient Advice & Liaison Service

PMA - Positive Mental attitude

RLD - reflexology lymphatic drainage

SLD - simple lymphatic drainage

SE's - side effects