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It is often hard when someone is diagnosed with a long-term condition like lymphoedema and to make sure you get moving.  As we have learnt the lymphatic system does not have its own pump to move the lymph fluid around your body.  If it does move around it stagnates putting you at high risk of infection like cellulitis.   This page will show we have some super fit members who fully understand the need to.

#Get moving

Our Members activities

L-W-O members activities include:

  • light aerobics
  • ballet
  • cycling
  • dingy sailing
  • hiking
  • horse riding
  • nordic walking
  • swimming
  • tai chi
  • walking
  • yoga

There is a very good website all about walking in groups, take a look at;

Thank You

Thank you to our L-W-O members for giving me permission to publish their names and photographs.  I value your continued support and by sharing your activities I hope you will truly inspire others to get moving.  

Sarah Bowring

L-W-O member Sarah Bowring, describes herself as " Ex cancer 7 years clear...warrior of Lymphoedema. Living and learning, loving life.  Sarah loves to walk and run and has taken part in marathons running for good causes.  Here are a few photographs of Sarah's activities and her wish is that they will inspire your to take up running.

Sarah Bowring


Steve Kelland Canada

Here are Steve's thoughts.

1) regardless of mobility, stamina, coordination or degree of LE affliction, "activity" is key. Too many believe that "exercise" must occur. From my time at Wittlinger Therapiezentrum in Austria (collocated with Vodder Academy), I appreciate that the term "exercise" can be daunting or intimidating to some with significant restrictions. Motion "activity" whether standing, running, walking, treading (water), sitting, etc. can & will pump the lymph flow;
2) regardless of weather, season, conditions, there is always some way to incorporate "motion" into one's day; &
3) while the oft-/over-bandied "inspiration" can be helpful for one living with LE, it must lead to "motivation" to reap accomplished health benefits. With inspiration & motivation achieved, the third step of "aspiration" becomes within grasp, ie reclaiming what type of life YOU want...LE be damned.
Good active lymphatic health...all year long. Cheers

Becky Sharp


Becky Sharp

Becky has a passion for hiking and is fortunate enough to live by the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.  Here is a little bit about Becky.

After developing lymphedema from breast cancer treatment in 2011, and now lipolymphedema in right foot I decided to become a LE advocate. I started a LE support group (LANET) in Knoxville, TN. I am on the Executive Board of the Lymphedema Advocacy Group for The Lymphedema Treatment Act and have lobbied in DC six times. I am a Lymph Science Advocacy Program Patient of the National Lymphedema Network (NLN). I have attended four NLN conferences, five Lighthouse Lymphedema Network conferences, and presented on starting a support group at the World Congress of Lymphology in 2015.

Steve Kelland Canada


Ballet and Tap Dancing


L-W-O member Ann Gill joined a beginners Ballet and Tap Dancing class.  Since joining her class she has also taken part in shows.




L-W-O Pam Slawson

Karen Copeland

"The exercise I have looking after my horse as well as riding him is good for my LL LE. The feeling of well-being I get from riding, being around my horse is wonderful & my dogs can come too"