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For those living with Primary, Secondary & Paediatric Lymphoedema Online & in the Community

New Beginnings

Welcome to 2015.  Last year (2014) was an amazing year for the website and our support group.  On a personal level I never cease to be amazed that this lifelong, incurable, manageable and treatable condition has taken me on a journey that I would never have envisaged nearly 4 years ago.

I have met so many new people, made new friends and corresponded with people all over the UK, USA and Europe.  We often here about the evil of the internet.  Time we talked about the positive aspects of how the internet puts old friends back in touch with each other.  How support groups have developed and grown which has led to many people feeling whatever problems they might have in life, they are not alone.  I find this truly amazing and also humbling,  just by corresponding or talking to someone we can change their outlook on life. 

Our members on the online support group have continued to support each other and provide information which is positive and helpful.  Please come and join us on

As I mentioned in my last blog the challenge for 2015 will be to continue adding more information, keeping the website relevant and building on the success of last year.

Our big event on Wednesday May 13th 2015 will designed to bring our members together.  There will be demonstrations, speakers, refreshments and a buffet lunch.  Payment will be through PayPal.  By the end of today I will have put up a 'buy me' button. I will need at least 50 people to attend. The hall will be able to take up to 80.  Payment will be upfront and on a first come first serve.  For now I wish you happiness, health and a peaceful 2015.



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