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Musings of a Pensioner

Author: Gaynor Leech, Founder of L-W-O


I am sitting staring at a blank page and feeling the urge to write.  The house is quiet, my 18-year granddaughter is having a sleepover and at 12.30 p.m. she still hasn’t surfaced.  Hubby is on the golf course. 


I run L-W-O from my conservatory, so right now I am staring out at our colourful plants and pots, there’s a slight warm breeze coming through the open patio and although the day is bright it is cloudy.  There are blackbirds on the bird feeder, robins, blue tits and the dreaded pigeons nesting in our cherry tree making a mess of the garden furniture as they fly into the tree.  My treat of the day is a latte, "yes, I know coffee isn’t good for lymphoedema"  but with the busy life I have I need to be kind to me.


Life is full of routines, like skin-care, drinking lots of fluids, movement, healthy lifestyle which have become automatic but there is the more dreary routines of housework which I hate, ironing, not if I can help it, budgeting, planning and preparing meals, keeping a roof over heads like every other person I know.   


Retirement was not something Hubby or I planned for, contemplated or even thought about much, it was this scary event in the future when we were too old to do anything.  Yet retirement has been a revelation that even with all the health issues we both have its something we now both cherish, we eat, sleep when we need to, no longer clock watching and yet with thought, planning, home alterations, and open-minds we have a good life.


Today the diary is empty, there are no time limits, no pressure, time for contemplation and where my next idea or inspiration will come from.  I allow myself a smile, when I look back at all the new skills, I have learnt over the last few years.  Basic word processing skills have progressed so much I understand all the different functions that the ribbon holds at the top of the page on my laptop.  Graphic designer, although I still have a lot to learn these attempts have improved so much from my early days using Publisher to the programme I now use.  Blogger, V Blogger, YouTuber, Researcher and I still don’t get Twitter, but I can now Tweet, really, I ask myself?  “Who is the person?”


Finally, it’s after 2.00 pm, Granddaughter still hasn’t surfaced, Hubby has texted to say he is on his way home, which is his way of saying "put the dinner on".  Oops not given it a thought, so good luck with that one!


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