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Holiday Mode

Hi, I am still in holiday mode.  Now been back for a few days after going on a Mediterranean Cruise around Spain.  I can't get warm and my brain is struggling to catch up with everyday life. 

I am really proud of myself as I put my mobile in the safe and had no access to the internet, newspapers or news.  So I managed to chill out completely and also read two books.  I hadn't realised how much time I had been spending on the website and Facebook support group.    Note to self; must find a balance and organise my time better.

Thrilled when I came back to find the viewing figures on the website continue to grow and now stand at 16,817 and we now have 222 online support group members.

Novembers newsletter will be published on the 1st and five pages have now been written.  There will be an article written by one of our Primary Lymphoedema members on 4 generations of her family.  The centre fold is about RLD (Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage) which is all over the internet at this time.  There will be comments from online support group members.


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