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Hi, trying to update website.  The Home page, I am updating my story.  When I first started this website I was very angry not so much about the Lymphoedema I had, but the lack of education, knowledge, promotion and ignorance of Lymphoedema.  Three years on the anger has subsided and turned into passion.  I am absolutely passionate however small my part may be, to get the word out there.  Our slogan; LYMPHOEDEMA EXISTS; WE EXIST.

The latest issue of Lymphline was delivered from LSN this morning.  Some inspiring articles and tips.  A really good article on Lymphorrhea which we have covered in members group.  One of the tips in Lymphline re vitamin B1 we also covered in May 2014 both on this website and members group.  If you have enjoyed reading this blog and the website then come and join us on Facebook, members only page, follow the link below;



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