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For those living with Primary, Secondary & Paediatric Lymphoedema Online & in the Community


The Newsletter has taken far more time than I could ever imagine it is now finished and distribution begins.  I have put the Newsletter on this website and whilst it is not in the best format it is the best I can do with my limited computer skills.  Please remember this is the first time I have attempted to do a Newsletter feed back would be greatly appreciated. 

I have been officially asked to join the Service Users Group for Clinical Excellence at my local Hospice, so I am thrilled to be asked and looking forward to my first meeting in September.

I have had my annual breast care check up and everything seems normal, have to wait until October for Mammogram.  

Lots of discussions on members group about various topics.  Todays topic is about getting antibiotics to go holiday, the majority of our members do not seem to have a problem.  Unfortunately I did this morning, so politely and firmly I insisted and did come away with some.  At least now when I go on holiday I will be prepared.

We now have 140 members on our Facebook online support group.  Our members are very knowledgeable and supportive of each other.  It is pleasure to listen and talk to them.  A very positive group.

If you would like to join us we would love to have you;




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