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For those living with Primary, Secondary & Paediatric Lymphoedema Online & in the Community

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Author:  Gaynor Leech, Founder of L-W-O


The generosity of our members allowed L-W-O to operate through 2017 without us having to organize fundraising events. We don't charge for membership.

None of our volunteers including myself get paid for our time. My hours are incalculable and for four years I have kept the costs to £750.00 p.a.
This year it will cost £1500.00 to run this group, there are no costs for premises and all the utility costs are absorbed by me as part of my household expenses because L-W-O operates from my home.

However, broadband, mobile phone, stationery, marketing tools, petrol etc., do cost.

This year our flyers/posters need to be updated, my laptop is slowly coming to the end of its life. Instead of borrowing from other organisations we need a three fold display board.
To move forward we need to be looking at how we develop and there are organisations who are willing to work with us with exciting opportunities. As founder of L-W-O I rely heavily on goodwill and so far I have been extremely lucky.

This doesn't come easy for me but I am asking members and the public for donations to help us operate this year and move forward.
You can donate through our support group page on the website. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Gaynor


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