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October 2017

L-W-O was invited to a Pharmacists seminar on the 4th October, at The Novotel, Coventry, myself and Gloria, L-W-O trustee attended.  The event was organised by Macmillan with about 20 Pharmacists and two GP's invited.  They talked on how they can help cancer patients with their medication.  It was an informative evening and a good evening for networking with other invited groups.  We were treated to a buffet supper.  For me personally I would like to see more information on the side-effects of medication both during treatment and beyond.  Many organisations are looking at cancer and beyond putting the positive spin on the fact there is life after cancer.  This is wonderful. However, I am frustrated by the fact that living with lymphoedema caused by the cancer treatment is not being tackled.   As a group we must keep pushing forward to raise awareness of lymphoedema.

On 12th September we had a good, support group at The Hummingbird Centre in Coventry.  We were joined by Karen Hunt, Lymphoedema Specialist Practitioner and Olivia Bowskill Community Engagement Officer from Myton Hospice.  The feedback from those that attended was good.  One of our group was struggling with her legs and Karen agreed to see if she could get our member referred to the clinic at UHCW.  We will be talking with Karen and Olivia to see if a working partnership is possible.  The challenge for us with the Coventry support group is reaching the people in the community who do not have access to the internet.

The 17th October, I attended a meeting with the newly formed Asian Women's Breast Cancer support group. The group will officially launch on the 1st February 2018 and meet on the first Thursday of each month thereafter at the Foleshill Women's Training Centre.  This new group is at the request of those living with breast cancer in the Asian community.

Monday 30th of October I was invited to a 'Movers and Shaker's event, a celebration of Leaders in the Coventry area.  This was for those of us that have graduated from the Innovation Factory courses and how we have moved forward after our training.

October was a quieter month, and this has given me more time to work on this website.  The new Out and About page is almost ready to be promoted.


From left to right, our support group table, Celebration of Leaders and the Pharmacists seminar.

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