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For those living with Primary, Secondary & Paediatric Lymphoedema Online & in the Community


March is now coming to an end and I can't believe April is so close.  Once again it has been a very busy month.  The website has passed the 50,000 viewings and the online support group has 345 members.  The Community page has also received 152 'likes', lymph-what-oedema continues to grow.

The home page on the website has had large parts re-written to bring it up to-date for 2015 and I am presently updating the holiday care page for 2015.  I have found re-reading some of the pages that my writing style has changed over the last 18 months.  Whilst I still write from the heart because I believe passionately about informing everyone about Lymphoedema, I do find I am getting better at cutting out the non-relevant information.

This year I have set up a board for lymphoedema on Pinterest and I have also set up LWO on Twitter.  I still don't fully get Twitter but I am learning. 

We are being followed either on Facebook or Twitter by the following;



Womb Cancer UK to name a few.

We have also received helped from LSN who put our Spring Event on their Facebook page and BLS have also promised to put details on their Facebook page.  In addition BLS have answered questions put to them.  So I feel as if we have made great strides this year. Absolutely thrilled with the help we have received.

Our members continue to support the online group and are very informative and positive. Unfortunately it has been necessary over the last few months to remind people that I am not a business. Everything I do with lymph-what-oedema and the online support group is voluntary. Therefore their is a limit to what I can do. 

I have started to use more volunteers and Karen Taft has been with me for sometime on Admin. Caroline Parkinson has now joined Admin on the online support group. I am truly grateful for their support.  I am still overwhelmed by the success we have achieved in a relatively short time. Thank you to everyone who continues to support LWO. 

The Spring Event is drawing closer and we are now filling places.  However, we do have places available, here are the details:

Lymphwhatoedema's Spring Event Wednesday 13th May 2015, 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. to be held at the Mary Ann Evans Hospice Nuneaton. Speakers/demonstrations by;
Trulife - Sally Redmond and team
Healthy Steps - qualified instructors from Mary Ann Evans Hospice
Relaxation - Caroline Pearson
Chat with those who have lymphoedema
Learn self-management techniques
Beverages, buffet lunch
Places free all we ask is a donation towards the Hospice
Email me for details;

We are now approaching Easter which is one week.  Time to start getting organised re our health care. GP surgeries will be closed from Friday 3rd April and reopen Tuesday 7th April. Here are some tips;

  • Remember that GP services will be on reduced opening times at this time of year.
  • Check yours.
  • Make a note of your GP opening times for Easter and the 2 other Bank Holidays on Monday 4th May, Monday 25th May.
  • Check in advance that you know where your nearest walk-in centre is situated.
  • Accident and Emergency departments are overstretched. However, if you have an infection do not leave it.
  • Use your Pharmacist they will often be able to provide solutions.
  • Smaller chemists will probably be closed, however supermarkets often have a chemist.
  • Remember Chemists will be closed Easter Sunday so you need to find where your emergency Chemist will be and their opening hours.
  • Check prescriptions are up to date.
  • Make sure you have antibiotics.

Have a very Happy Easter


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