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Hi Everyone, our Lymphwhatoedema community page has been updated. Go and take a look,  you will see Facebook has changed the position of everything. My posts to the right, your posts to the left.  There is now a clear "Follow" button and you can now share the "Page" so that's a great improvement. At this time I cannot see any other changes, from an Admin point of view it does seem more streamlined and not so wieldy.   Please remember if you are looking at the community page and  haven't already done  so please "Like" as we have 63 "Likes" would love to take it up higher.  The website has taken a bid leap in viewings this weekend and is now showing 4398, so thank you.

On Lymphwhatoedema's Facebook group page we have just enrolled our 30th member.  I feel this is a great achievement for us especially as we have only been going 3 weeks. Big thank to everyone.


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Hi, What a wonderful thing to do....spread the word with regard to Lymphoedema as many of my clients really want to inform the rest of the world (and Doctors too!) of this difficult and sometimes exhausting condition.....I haven't seen the facebook page yet, or even viewed the rest of your website, but but will view this afternoon...just got so excited to see that someone else wants to shout about this condition...from the rooftops!

I would like to advertise your website to our group members as I recently started the Basingstoke Lymphoedema Support Group with another MLD therapist. All the support we can give them is so encouraging.....and I'm sure they would be so willing to support you and your website too.....

Thank you and please, do keep in touch.....especially with any new topics and interesting topics.....

Kind regards,

Gail Harbers (CDT Vodder)
MLD Therapist
Basingstoke, UK