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Living with Lymphoedema


There is little understanding of chronic illnesses amongst health-care professionals or the public.  The frustration comes from the blank faces when you explain an illness, usually followed by “you will get better”.  NO.  The fact that an illness can be managed or treated becomes incomprehensible when it is incurable or lifelong.

Constantly trying to explain to health-care professionals that invasive procedures, such as Blood Pressure/Blood Tests, Injections, IVS cannot be taken from a certain area or explaining to a well-meaning person that the compression garment you are wearing doesn’t mean you have a broken arm/leg”, in itself is debilitating.

Then there is the assumption that a person who has exceptionally big arms or legs who clearly has mobility problems that this is somehow their fault.  Does the person making assumptions ever consider that there are medical conditions such as Lymphoedema or Lipodema that might be the root cause?

L-W-O works tirelessly to educate and raise awareness.  We have a common goal to encourage all communities, health-care professionals, groups and the public not to judge. Those living with chronic illnesses should not constantly have to explain their illnesses.

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