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Impact of Covid-19 on Lymphoedema

"Please find the results of a poll carried out in six different closed patient groups, on Facebook to investigate the impact of the Covid19 lockdown on patients with lymphedema (all types but not lipodema). This was very simple, using the poll option of Facebook. No names were collected - only the results. While the groups are in local language and tailored to those countries there can be some patients living in one country while answering the poll in another - but it would be very few cases.

The question in the poll was: "During the Covid19 lockdown period, has your lymphedema gotten worse, better or has there been no changes?" Patients could then opt to elaborate with the reasons for their answer. 471 results were collected.

It was quite worrying to see that 48% said their lymphedema was worse and so perhaps we, as patient associations, need to do more to help the community with self-management techniques."  Big thank you to Pernille Henriksen for collating this Poll and writing this, piece and thank you to the European countries that took part.  For more information contact:

This is what L de Linfa lymph wrote

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