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February 2016

February has been a very busy month.  Lots of work going on behind the scenes.

The organisation for our Lymphoedema Awareness Day on Wednesday 11th May is looking good.  Speakers and Demonstrators all in place. Buffet lunch sponsored by Trulife.  We have 30 places filled and 30 places left so if you are interested in joining us, please go to the Awareness Day page on this website and check out the details on how to join us.

We are still struggling to get a bank account, many of the building societies have stopped doing small community accounts.  Waiting to hear from one of the big High Street Banks whole procedure has taken weeks.  Luckily I still have the  L-W-O Pay Pal account.

Online Support Group and Website continue to exceed all my expectations.

I had a web developer friend take a look at this website to see how we could improve its content.  His honest opinion was that, on the whole he couldn't find fault.  However, he did suggest more visual content.  Therefore, time allowing I will add more photographs or videos.  The skin-care page is the first page to be re-vamped.

L-W-O is currently looking for someone who can take videos so that we can put them on You-tube under the L-W-O banner.  This would have to be voluntary, so would suit someone who has plenty of time on their hands and is quite happy to do voluntary work.

I am slowly learning how to add text to the photographs that I have taken, so that I can add my name and the words L-W-O to them.

Finally March is looking to be a busy month as it is Lymphoedema Awareness Week from 6th - 11th, March the 6th being World Lymphoedema Awareness Day.

On the 7th March myself and two trustees are going to a Support Group Networking Event in Coventry, organised by Macmillan.  The 10th March I have been asked to join Walsgrave Lymphoedema Support Group at Coventry to give a talk on  the work I do with L-W-O.   Also hoping to arrange one other event for Lymphoedema Awareness Week.

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