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Facebook Group

I have set up a new Facebook group because some of our participants did not like the Facebook Page.  Both group and page have their limitations.  The "page" allows you to see my posts, and comment on my posts without any problem.  However, it isn't clear when someone else posts.

The Facebook group allows members to communicate with each other and allows members to post.  The group will be a closed page and you will need to be invited by Admin to join.  Members will be able to add their Lymphoedema friends.

To join the Facebook group you will need to send me your email address and you will have to have a profile photograph so that we can see who we are talking to.  Whilst my profile photograph does not appear on the Lymphwhatoedema Page it does appear on the Lymphwhatoedema Group.

For an invitation to join the Lymphwhatoedema group page you can contact me on the following email addresses.


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