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Autumn Blues

Since coming back from my holidays in early October, I have struggled to get going.  My lymphoedema has only been border-line controlled and it has been a pain.  This is the first time since 2011 that I have felt under the weather and can only put this down to Autumn Blues.  Very unusual for me.

To try and take control of my life again I have started taking iron and 'B' vitamins and two weeks on I certainly feel as if I have more energy.  Which is just as well because between mid November and mid January life is going to be very busy.

Since my last writing the website has gone from strength to strength in early October we had 16,817 viewings and we are now up to 26,820 so an increase of 10,003 viewings.    The online support group has increased from 222 to 243 members.   I am slowly re-writing some of the pages on the website and the 'Feelings' page is certainly evolving nicely. 

The exercise page has more Lebed (Healthy Steps) videos added with leg exercises for those who have lymphoedema in their legs.  I must say the exercises are gentle and suitable for everyone.  There are also some 'Memory' videos, set to music and they are good fun.  All the videos on this website you will find on You Tube.

The website, community Facebook page and the online support group continue to focus on the Lymphoedema patient and it is voluntary.

Both August and November's newsletters have gone down well with members of the online support group and are available to everyone on this website; link www.lymph-what-oedema/news

February's newsletter is slowly coming together.   I have also produced an LWO flyer which you can download from the Newsletter page to put up in G.P. surgeries, clinics and libraries.  These are just some of the small steps that are being taken to get the word out that Lymphoedema exists; we exist.

On 13th May 2015 we are having a members get together in Attleborough, Nr. Nuneaton.  This will be a celebration of the 1st anniversary of the online support group.  The day will have a welcome coffee/tea, guest speakers and demonstrations.  The time will be 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.  There will be a £25.00 non-refundable registration fee which will cover the costs of room hire, refreshments and buffet lunch.  I can also organise an evening meal and members will be able to bring partners to the evening meal. There will be an extra cost for this meal, which will be a social occasion.  If required.  There needs to be at least 50 members to attend the day time event.  The room will hold 80 people comfortably and we will need to keep within the health and safety rules for the amount of people we can cater for.   When registration takes place in January 2015 it will be on a first come first serve basis.  This day will be a lovely way to get our members together.  I look forward to meeting some of you. 

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